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A scientific step by step approach to help you overcome anxiety and get you back to feeling and performing like your best self.

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When diets and exercise have failed, and you’re ready to commit to changing your lifestyle, this step by step, easy to follow programme will get you results that last.

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A holistic, unique, step by step coaching programme which will put you back in control and transform your happiness, health and wellbeing.

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Gordon McCrorie

About The Happiness Guy

My name is Gordon McCrorie and I’m The Happiness Guy, the number one life coach in Glasgow.

My mission is to give you the knowledge, inspiration and support so you can take your own journey to happiness, health and wellbeing. It has taken me more than ten years to master my field, but every moment spent, every hardship and every struggle has been worth it. I want to make sure it doesn’t take you as long.

Today I am fortunate to have a life I love, surrounded by people I love and who love me. I have learned how to be happy and healthy, and for life to feel easy (most of the time), and I would love to help you achieve this too. There are loads of tips and ideas on my Facebook page.

Procrastination 101. Part 1: Why Are You Struggling?

This post is for anyone who struggles with procrastination. What is procrastination? Procrastination is putting off doing something. Why do we procrastinate? There’s no one reason, there are many and…

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