corporate coaching resilience

Help your team move from burnout to ‘Bullet Proof’ in just one hour 

Corporate Coaching Resilience

The success of any team depends on the members within it. With the right leadership and coaching, achieving success is MUCH easier.

The last couple of years has tested many of us to our limits. Today an increasing number of organisations are realising the importance of employee wellbeing. The most forward-thinking employers have also invested in training specifically tailored to help their employees cope better.

Coaching teams to be more resilient plays a major role in improving mental wellbeing and reducing stress, anxiety and overwhelm. My corporate training seminar gives employees new knowledge and understanding. By the end of the presentation, each employee will have their own unique plan to move themself towards “bullet proof” resilience.

Brain hacks. Are these even a thing? Yes! Some of the expected outcomes of this coaching session:

  • Knowledge & understanding
  • Quick, easy wins
  • What to avoid
  • Focus on what can be controlled
  • Confidence in boosting own resilience
  • Personal immediate next steps
  • Actions to improve physical health
  • Strategies for emotional and mental wellbeing
  • Reduced procrastination
  • Improved efficiency

Gordon developed this training when asked to help NHS staff during the pandemic. But almost any team will benefit from boosting resilience.

Happy employees, both in and out of work, will do a better job. Living a stressful life is accepted as the norm these days, but that does not mean we can’t get stress, anxiety and burnout under control.

Get in touch now to find out how to help your teams remain productive and succeed whatever the challenge.

This seminar is typically delivered online.

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