Habit Mastery Course – An Invitation

What would be different in your life if you could form new habits and sustain them, and stop bad habits for good? What would change? And what would that feel like?

The reason I ask is that one of the things that’s made the biggest difference in my life is having developed exactly this ability, and as a result I’ve never been happier or healthier.

For over 7 years I’ve been developing and refining my systems with my private coaching clients and now I’d love the opportunity to teach you everything that I’ve learned in my new 12 week Habit Mastery Course.

What’s So Powerful About Habit Change?

Habits are very much like the iceberg above, and just like the iceberg above – neglecting what lies beneath the surface is a recipe for disaster!

We’ve been approaching behaviour change all wrong.

For years we’ve been trying to achieve long lasting change with our conscious mind (the tip of the iceberg – about 5% of our mind) with spectacularly abysmal results.

Instead, we should have focused our effort on reprogramming our subconscious mind (the 95% that lies beneath the surface) and runs the show the vast majority of the time.

The problem with trying to use our conscious mind is it’s got:

  • very limited bandwidth
  • very limited focus
  • it’s not even always available!

As soon as life gets busy, stressful, uncertain or we get a little bit overwhelmed we stop focusing on our new behaviour and simply revert back to our old habits.

Every time we fail, we feel less and less confident that we can actually control our own behaviour, and shape our own destiny, meaning that the next time we try, we’re actually more likely to quit!

Well I think It’s time for you to break free from this approach and try something completely different. It’s time to learn to reprogram your subconscious behaviours, or put slightly differently, it’s time to master your habits!

Habit Mastery Course

In my 12 week course we’ll cover EVERYTHING you need to know and to do, one step at a time, to teach you how to form great new habits, and rewire bad habits.

In addition to 6 live sessions (weeks 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 & 11) we will also have email tutorials (video & pdf’s) in the alternate weeks.

All of this is delivered within a structured framework to ensure you have all the clarity, guidance, support and accountability needed to achieve lasting change in a way that makes you feel great about yourself.

Whilst this course does have lots of knowledge, this isn’t just an exercise in getting smarter. I’ve found that knowledge without implementation. just equals pain and frustration. Instead, this course is very much about applying the knowledge in a practical way so that you get to experience real life transforming change.

What Do You Want To Change?

  • Eat better?
  • Develop an exercise habit you love?
  • Drink less?
  • Waste less time on social media?
  • Become better with money?
  • Stop fighting with a loved one?

Almost everything you do / struggle with is a habit and if it’s a habit, this course can and if you join us will help you change it!

I’ll teach you everything you need to know and then help you apply what you’ve learned one simple step at a time.

So what do you think?

Is there something in your life you’d love to change? Would you love to work together with me and a group of other liked minded individuals to create healthier, happier lives?

If so then click the link below to book your place on our course.

If you’ve any questions / aren’t sure if this course is right for you or you simply want a little more information then you can contact me on 07738 235 061 or request more information below.

Course Details:

Fee: £79 (Payable in advance)
Start Date: Sunday the 8th April 2018
Time: 1pm – 2.15pm
Location: Yoga Healing Glasgow Studio , 77 Mansefield Street, Glasgow, G11 5QP

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