Happiness Health and Wellbeing Programme

Stop struggling, remove the overwhelm and banish stress as we develop together the new habits and mindset for you to live a life you love.

This holistic, and truly unique happiness health & wellbeing coaching programme is designed entirely around you and where you are right now. Let me take you on a step by step journey as we change your lifestyle to create the happiest healthiest version of you ever.

The Problem

The sad truth is that far too many of us feel stuck, stressed out, frustrated, lethargic and overwhelmed. We aren’t really LIVING, and we certainly aren’t LOVING our lives.

Too often we neglect ourselves as we prioritise everyone and everything above ourselves until we get to the point where we can’t bear it any more – we are looking and feeling awful and life feels like and endless struggle.

This programme is designed to change all that, and help you achieve lasting happiness, health and wellbeing in your life. Imagine for a moment what THAT would feel like…

Creating the Happiest Healthiest You Ever

Whilst everybody is different, we all have key areas in life that cause problems, struggles and pain of one kind or another. This programme is designed to help you master each of the areas below, one step at a time, so you get to live a life you love. It really is that simple!





Prioritising You


What to Expect from Coaching

Coaching is about empowering you to make the changes that will bring the biggest differences to how you experience life.

It’s about helping you:

  • see what you’re not seeing
  • develop your own solutions to your own challenges
  • supporting you as you make the agreed changes

So you achieve the things most important to you.

Why Choose ME As Your Coach?

Hiring the right coach can make the difference between winning and losing, and given that we are talking about YOUR LIFE, you want to choose a great one.

I hope that you will agree that the more experienced and skilled a coach the better! When you hire a coach you also want an expert in the specific things you need help with.

So I’m going to need to be a little less humble (it wont serve either of us if I say I’m quite good) and tell you exactly what makes me special when it comes to being able to help you!


Everything affects Everything

I graduated top of my class with an honours degree in exercise and health science (key areas shown) and have spent over 10,000 hours mastering how to help people change their lives in a holistic manner.

Having expertise in all these overlapping areas allows me to very quickly identify the true root of the problem, and then to help you develop the best solution for you!

So not only will I teach you everything you need to know, I will help you establish new habits and help you change the way you see things, so how you feel right now is a place you never need to return to again!

My Coaching Approach (a blend of 3 different styles of coaching)

My coaching approach is incredibly effective and is based on using the most appropriate approach / blend of approaches to any particular problem. These are:

Tri-Une Brain Coaching – Very often parts of our brain hi-jack our mind, take over our thoughts and behaviours briefly, before handing control back to our mind. Tri-Une brain coaching puts YOU back in control of your thoughts and actions.

Neuro Linguistic Programming – A variety of psychological tools and techniques which can change how you see and feel about things.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – Based in the now (and not focusing on the past) CBT helps us examine how we think about things, how this makes us act and then how our actions affect our thoughts and feeling.

A coach helps you get results you can’t seem to get on your own. A good coach makes getting the results seem easy. A great coach makes getting the results feel easy, and helps you enjoy the process along the way!

I’m a great coach, and I’d love the opportunity to help you!

3 Coaching Methods

Choosing The Best Package For You

I usually recommend a minimum of 1 month of coaching (4 sessions) to ensure great results however longer periods of time may be far more beneficial. Based on what we discover in your free exploration session, I’ll be able to recommend the best coaching package for you.

1 Months Coaching Package (4 sessions) – Perfect for clarifying what you want, giving you a motivational kick starting and making great progress your progress, with support and troubleshooting along the way. Many things can be solved with just 4 sessions.

3 Months Coaching Package (8-12 sessions) – Perfect for solving particular problems in a manner that feels interesting, enjoyable and leaving you with a much better understanding of how to solve other problems going forwards.

6-12 Months Coaching Package (26-52 sessions) – Perfect for when you want to transform your entire life, and want to commit to working on you. This package can cover stress, sleep, nutrition, exercise, mindset, limiting beliefs, self-talk, self confidence, meditation, emotions, and values.


Where possible I prefer meeting in person at Happiness HQ in Glasgow city centre, however when location or time don’t allow for this sessions can take place over the phone or Skype.

Next Steps

The best place to start is with a free exploration session so you can experience for yourself the difference us working together can make without any cost or obligation.

So if you are determined to overcome the things standing in the way of your happiness, health & wellbeing, take that first important step and get in touch now.

Arrange a free exploration session!

What Clients Say

*Testimonials and before / after shots are used as examples. Your results may vary.