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Let me tell you a little about me, because my story relates to why I’m so certain I can help you take control, stop struggling and change your life forever.

Let’s start with the physical: I used to be obese! I’m only 5 ft 5, so my 40 inch waist meant i was as round as I was tall. My thighs were so fat that the top of my things used to rub through my trousers causing holes, and my cheeks were so large that my face looked a bit like that of a chipmunk! I was ashamed of my body, and was learning to dress to hide my body.

I was obese, not because I had a problem with food, or a lack of exercise, although both these things were definitely symptoms of how I lived at that time. I was obese because I was unhappy. I just wasn’t coping with my life. The real problem wasn’t my weight, it was my inability to cope.

Turning my life around

At work, the company I worked for was struggling, the stress was crippling me mentally and my inability to cope was changing who I was. I was bitter and resentful and angry at the world, If only I’d known more about the expectation gap back then. On top of that my relationship with my fiancee was ending as she was cheating on me (to be honest I can’t blame her.)


I had my own health concerns too, primarily caused by stress. This reached breaking point one morning around 2am, when I woke up with pains in my chest and had to call 999. It turns out that my heart was fine, and it was just stress – serious – but not a heart attack!

This event was really scary, especially given that my father had suffered 3 heart attacks and my younger brother had also had one at the age of 30! Great health didn’t exactly run in my family. This was my wake up call.

The next day I went to the doctors and when he asked me what was wrong I just broke down in floods of tears. He prescribed anti-depressants. Strangely, I left the surgery feeling much better – lit was like I was no longer being crushed by an invisible force. The emotions that I’d been holding trapped inside me had found a release. I only ever took one antidepressant tablet, and then decided that I didn’t need them. There had to be another way.

So I’d reached the bottom – I couldn’t cope, I was burnt out, I had no energy to get to the gym (one of the stories I told myself) and I used food as my primary way to feel better (although at the time I didn’t realise quite how much). Life wasn’t good, I was way off track, but I was determined to turn my life around.

This was 11 years ago!

Turning my life around

I quit my job and went to university to study exercise and health science, with the huge goal of solving the weight loss problem. Whilst at university I realised that weight wasn’t the only big problem most people were struggling to cope with. Mental and emotional wellbeing is every bit as big a problem today as physical wellbeing.

When I left university I formed Kaizen Active, a fitness company with a holistic approach to helping clients get fit, lose weight and feel great. During the next 6 years we achieved some amazing things with our clients whilst learning lots about what works and what doesn’t.

At the beginning of 2016 I sold the gym to follow my passion for helping people stop struggling and transform their lives. This was when The Happiness Guy was born! There is a Vlog about loving your future self more here.

My time as personal trainer and gym owner taught me that most people need a lot more help than a gym workout, or a diet plan to follow to get sustainable results.

People need their own personal recipe for happiness, health and wellbeing and to develop this they need education, guidance and support along the way. This is what the Happiness Guy does!

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