How To Lose a Stone

By reading this article I promise you will discover at least one tip that can help you lose a stone! But before that, you NEED to understand just a little background for these tips to have maximum effect.

When I left university I knew A TON about nutrition science. I was determined to educate the world, and therefore quite literally eradicate obesity! Huge goal I know, but in my mind I thought… how difficult can it be?

At that time I thought the problem was that people simply didn’t know enough. I was WRONG! Five years of working with thousands of clients has taught me it’s not lack of knowledge that’s the problem.

Ironically, people now have so much knowledge (much of it conflicting from different diets and expert opinions) that they are confused, don’t know where to begin or what will work for them.

This post will show you EXACTLY where to begin for weight loss, and make getting rid of unwanted fat easy! You just have to start, develop a habit and repeat.

The Truth About Lasting Weight Loss

To look and feel like the best version of you, you will need to make a series of small changes.

In time (and usually not that much) you will get the body and life you really want. It really is that simple! It’s lifestyle change and it has to start somewhere…

Below are 6 simple tips to help you DO something we all know we should do more of. On the surface, they don’t seem sexy or exciting, but ironically these really small changes will actually help move you towards a body you will love.

So, what is this magic weight loss wonder pill? It isn’t a pill. But what it is is simple, natural and easy.

Keep reading.

Adopt one of my six tips.

Stick to it and you could be on your way to losing more than a stone in body weight.

These six top tips focus on one vital area. Something you cannot afford to ignore if you want to lose weight and keep it off.

So What Is The Secret To Weight Loss?

All six tips are designed to make it easy for you to eat more vegetables and fruit. It’s that simple! Make this a primary focus for just the next 7-28 days and see what happens.

Ideally you will decide to consciously maintain the focus for the next 4 weeks and by then you will have formed a new habit, and be once step closer to a much better version of you!

  1. Replacement Tactics

Before you eat any JUNK FOOD (including chocolate, crisps or cake) eat 1 piece of fruit first.

IT’S A REPLACEMENT STRATEGY. If after the fruit you still really want the junk then you can have it, the fruit will just buy you time and hopefully limit the amount of junk that you eat.

100g apple = 52 calories / 100g chocolate = 520 calories. Put another way this one swap daily could save a typical 150 calories a day (55,000 calories in a year) and result in weight loss of 1 stone and 2 lbs (7kgs).

2. Level Up Your Dinner

Add Veggies to EVERYTHING and reduce down the carbs a little.

This works great for most dishes including Pasta, Rice & Fajita and can massively reduce the amount of calories you eat. Remember carbs aren’t bad – too many calories is the real problem. By adding bulk to your meals using veggies, you reduce the number of calories you consume… and therefore shrink your waistline.

3. Go Veggie

Make one meal a week based on veggies. Tap into he meat-free Monday trend or ask a vegan mate for advice – veganism is booming in the UK.

An example could be a high quality stir fry, with protein and just a little noodles / rice. To go one better – get rid of the rice and noodles and instead have 1-2 pieces of fruit after it as dessert! This means you are eating nutrient packed food with no empty calories!

4. Convenience is Okay

Okay so let’s not rule out convenience. Most supermarkets now have little veggie pots with a delicious dip or sauce that makes your snack tasty AND easy. Next time you are in the supermarket look out for them, and buy a few. REPEAT!

Alternatively some carrot sticks or celery and houmous is delicious. As are cherry tomatoes, but a punnet and keep it on your desk to snack on rather than a trip to the corner shop or vending machine for a chocolate.

Longer term, I’d expect you to see the value in shopping and prepping yourself, because your diet and shopping is evolving to help you lose that stone!

5. Eggs Make Meal

An omelette of Fritatta are great ways to use up your vegetables and get your five a day.

These egg-based dishes are really quick to make, super versatile and a great all round meal! The eggs provide much needed protein and fats and then add whatever veggies you have lying around – onions, tomato, spinach, broccoli. Anything goes really.

Don’t throw fruit and veg away. There is another idea below for using them up and making them work for you. And frozen fruit and veg is good for you too, especially useful for single people to minimise waste.

6. Shake It Up

Protein shakes might seem a bit intimidating to start with. A bit like the spin class in the gym – many people rule it out without even giving it a go.

Grab some protein powder and then upgrade it with fruit and veg. Blend in a handful of spinach or berries. Both super high in antioxidants, it’s these that keep your skin looking great!

Avocado can also work really well blended up into a protein smoothie, as will bananas! You may need a more powerful blender for harder fruit and veg.


Change just one thing to start moving towards your ideal weight today. Here is the rule – make it a habit. To do this, focus on it daily and give it a chance to become a habit.

Don’t expect perfection – just do your best! I promise you it’s the small changes that add up to big differences.

It really can be that simple, you just need to PERSIST!

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