12 Week Transformation Programme

This is the most comprehensive and holistic lifestyle change programme available anywhere in Glasgow, combining personal training with nutrition and mind-set coaching to make long lasting change fast, easy and fun!

I’ve got a few questions for you, to help you decide if this programme is exactly what you need.

  • Are you completely fed up struggling to lose weight?
  • Are you ready to ditch fad diets forever in favour of delicious healthy food that nourishes you?
  • Would you love to find and develop an exercise routine you actually enjoy, fits your lifestyle and gets results?
  • Do you struggle staying motivated?

And the big one…

  • Are you ready to change your lifestyle and really give your all?

If this sounds like you, then I’d love to help!

What to expect

This programme is so much more than 3 exercise sessions a week.

It is designed entirely around you and will take you from wherever you are right now, to being very much on the road to becoming the person that you really should be.

I believe it’s time to put your needs first – to nourish you physically, mentally and emotionally, to show yourself that you can do it. Let’s regain your confidence and ensure that you will never be the same again. THAT is the nature of this transformation programme.

Take a moment and IMAGINE what would be different if you lost the excess fat, if you could wear anything you wanted and look great, and if you rediscovered real joy in your life? Now think… what if that was just the tip of the iceberg?

Is this programme for me?

Before you get in touch I need to be really honest with you, as I don’t want you wasting your time or your money.

Working together is a big investment (for both of us) and you need to be certain that if we work together, this time things will be different. That this time you will get life changing results.

So how can we be sure? The first step is to check how high your motivation is right now? Sadly nothing works if your motivation isn’t high enough…

So, between 1 and 10, how high is your motivation to no longer accept looking and feeling like you do?

Are you motivated at least 9/10?

If you are at least a 9, we can almost certainly achieve great things..

Free, no obligation chat / consultation

The next step is for us to have a quick chat on the phone. Assuming we both think we could be a great fit we organise to meet up for a no obligation chat over a coffee.

And don’t worry – your exercise experience / fitness levels / current weight don’t matter. All that matters is that you have an extremely strong desire to change!

This is not just a short-term approach to weight loss. This is about transforming how you think / feel / eat and move, one step at a time.

Get in touch NOW!

About me

My name is Gordon McCrorie. I have an honours degree in exercise & health science. I’ve worked as a personal trainer for over 7 years and specialise in helping people get back to a great version of themselves.

I’m also an NLP coach, meaning I can really help with the mindset stuff and getting rid of the negative self-talk that often accompanies being overweight. I also used to be obese so I know exactly what its like.

Top tips for transformations

I’d recommend watching my video below to get a feel for how I approach things – it has my top tips for transformations, and I’m sure you will love it!

Programme details

  • 3 sessions per week suited exactly to your needs and abilities.
  • Text and telephone support between sessions.
  • Nutrition coaching tailored to your tastes and lifestyle.
  • Mind coaching sessions to ensure you stay motivated and moving forwards.
  • The highest levels of expertise and support available anywhere.


Personal Training sessions take place in the quiet and non-intimidating Marriott Hotel Leisure Club. The fitness studio is usually very quiet and is the perfect environment for someone who isn’t used to exercise and doesn’t like the idea of a busy stereotypical gym. Free car parking and shower facilities are available.

500 Argyle Street, Glasgow, G3 8RR

Your investment

The fee for this programme is £1800. Monthly payment terms can be agreed.

Contact Me

I know it might seem like a big decision, but haven’t you waited long enough? Haven’t you wasted enough of your life trying things that don’t work for you? Isn’t your body and self confidence worth at least finding out more?

Get in touch now and let’s find out if we would be a great fit. There’s no cost or obligation – just you and I exploring what us working together would be like. Be brave…you will thank yourself one day soon!

Ready to Get Fit, Lose Weight & Feel Great?

What Clients Say

*Testimonials and before / after shots are used as examples. Your results may vary.