Often it feels like you’ve tried everything, or that it’s hopeless, but I promise you – getting unstuck is actually pretty easy when you know how. You just need a little help from an expert with loads of experience, a fresh perspective and a passion for removing struggle in peoples lives!

Break Free in Just One Session

One session with me is all it will take to get you unstuck. We both know that realistically one session won’t change everything forever, but it will definitely be enough to get you moving, on the right track and with self-belief restored!

What To Expect

To make sure we get a great result in just one session, we follow a very simple formula.

  1. I send you a short pre-session questionnaire to allow you to describe in as much detail as possible the current situation you find yourself stuck in and what you would love to achieve.
  1. Once you email your questionnaire back to me I review it, and then invite you for a session at a mutually convenient time.
  1. Your session will then be scheduled for 90 minutes and we can meet in person / via skype or the phone.
  1. During your session I will help you gain new clarity around your current problem area, and then we will develop a strategy for you to focus on to make sure you will be unstuck. My job is to ensure you have everything you need in just one session to get you moving!
  1. Within 2 weeks of your session we will catch on the phone, to review your progress, and address any areas that need a little extra attention.

Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

Being stuck is very much an interpretation of your situation and it’s also a feeling.

This session is not just about me helping you become more motivated. It’s about you gaining clarity over your next steps, and making sure you feel confident that you can follow through.

In just one session I will help you change how you see things, and change how you feel!

As a result of our session I personally guarantee you will no longer feel stuck and will be able to take action. I’m so confident that I offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you feel I didn’t help you as described – I will refund your session fee. It’s that simple. I’m a “results focused” kind of guy!

Package Price

Your investment of £149 covers the initial pre-coaching process, the 90 minute coaching session, the follow up call to make sure you are making headway and any additional support required during the 2 weeks.

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What Clients Say

*Testimonials and before / after shots are used as examples. Your results may vary.