Personal Coach in Glasgow Shares: How to make fitness a hobby you never quit

I recently heard a great question. One of my clients asked me “How do you make fitness a hobby without an end date?”

In the video below I give some answers and reasons about how fitness can become a way of life. Fitness produces good chemicals and can actually become an addiction itself, without being obsessed!

Fitness With No End Date

The feelings and benefits we all get from exercise soon outweigh any effort and as you enter an uphill spiral you’ll be reversing the signs of ageing, loosing weight and feeling better about yourself.

Turn the sound on, the video is about a five minute watch. If you prefer to read about making fitness a hobby you never quit, then there is transcript of what I say below the video.

As a personal coach in Glasgow I offer a free 15 minute exploratory session. You might want to sign up for one of these so we can explore your mindset when it comes to fitness and exercise. There’s also a page on weight loss coaching here.

Fitness as Hobby You Never Quit

This is a video about one of the best questions I heard last week. the question is this:

“How do you make fitness a hobby without an end date?”

When I first heard this I was a bit confused and surprised. I was thinking:

“Really, fitness has an end date?”

Make Fitness Something You Never Want to Quit

Then of course I realised not everyerone is going to think about things the way I do! But it’s interesting because this particular young lady, well I didn’t know she was going to think that it had an end date. So it kind of took me a little bit by surprise.  

So that got me thinking, how do you do that. If you are not someone who is really really into fitness, then how do you make fitness something that you never want to quit, that you keep going.

So there’s a few different ways. 

Make it Fun

The single most important thing is make it fun. That applies as well if you are a personal coach in Glasgow!

Something that is fun will draw you to it. You won’t have to keep pushing yourself and pushing yourself, using loads of energy to go and do it. It has to be fun.

So if fitness is going to be something that you enjoy then to use an expression it needs to be something where “the juice is worth the squeeze”. In other words you put in some effort but you get more back. That way you are going to keep wanting to do it. 

All In It Together

The second thing, is perhaps do it with friends. Or form friendships there [at the place of exercise].

I used to run a gym. At points we were not getting things right in that company, but people kept coming! People kept coming even though you could argue that it was quite expensive as well. 

And even perhaps the experience wasn’t quite what they wanted. And the reasons that they did [keep coming] is because they were doing it with friends. And people will keep doing things if they get that connection.

If you can rope your friends in or form new friends at the fitness thing you are doing, then it is going to last an awful lot longer. Because we’re getting something we need out of it. We’re getting this thing called oxytocin, which is the bonding chemical that makes us feel connected. It makes us feel part of something and ‘all in it together’. It’s a really good thing!

Skill Development Through Fitness

Then something for number three. Something where there is an aspect of skill development, so that you see progress. So for me I used to have a really bad back, I was inflexible, I was sore. If I can get rid of that pain, if I can be more flexible. I feel better and enjoy doing it when this is true.

When exercising if you are thinking ‘I’m learning new moves’ then there is an element of mastery. This is a good concept for me. An element of skill development will keep it interesting, because if it is boring we just going stop doing it. 

Those would be some of the main things.

Part of Your Identity

The last one for me to share. And the biggest one for me. Do it so it becomes part of your identity. Ask yourself why are you doing fitness in the first place? Why are you doing it? For me, I want to feel good.

I don’t just mean today or tomorrow, I want to feel good all the time, to reverse some of the signs of ageing. I don’t want to do that just today and tomorrow, it;s something that is going to have to keep happening. 

Fitness Doesn’t Mean Cutting out The Wine

I’m always going to want to avoid getting diseases that are avoidable. Regarding my diet, I want more leeway. This allows me to drink some wine at the weekend, maybe eat some richer foods. To have that extra freedom then I need to have fitness as a way to burn calories.

Right at the core for me is that I want to be healthy. I want to be well, capable and  fit for life. I want to always be fit for life.

Fitness as A Hobby You Never Quit

Thinking about how you make fitness a hobby without an end date, these would be some of the questions I would ask as me, and as a personal coach in Glasgow.  I would love to hear what you think, how you would go about making fitness a great hobby that didn’t have an end date. 

I’d genuinely would love to hear different ideas on this because it’s massively important. And it’s better if we can solve all this together. Please tell me your thoughts, my Facebook page is an open forum!

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