At a fraction of the cost

Make 2020 your best year yet.

I am offering you the opportunity to access quality life coaching for less than £30 a month.

My clients pay up to £75 an hour for life coaching, but in 2020 I want to help even more people so have launched

“The Good Life Club”

There are just thirty spaces available for this three month programme, delivered via a  Facebook inner circle group, that will guide you through the steps to get the life you want.

By coming to this page you have already taken the very first step to get the life that you want. I’m Gordon, The Happiness Guy and Glasgow’s #1 Life coach.

If you aren’t quite ready to sign up to one of the places in my inner circle “The Great Life Club” you can still use 2020 to improve your life by getting more of the things you love.  Coming to this page is the first step of your journey.  The next stage is to find out what you need to focus on. I have a tool to help you do this and you can download it as a PDF via the link below. It’s completely free of charge.

To start your journey you need to take action.  You will have to invest a few minutes to complete the first step of my Blueprint to Happiness.  Once you have done that you can think about whether you can do the rest on your own or whether you need some help to get there.

2019 has been my most successful year ever since I started changing lives [ten] years ago.  And now I want open up top life coaching to people who can’t afford my usual fees. I am offering you the potential to SAVE more than £250 a month on life coaching.

I’m inviting you to join just [thirty] people in an exclusive community that will change your life. It’s called The Good Life Club and it has the potential to make 2020 your best year yet. These are the steps we will take inside the group:

1. Define

Download and complete The Wheel of Life.

2. Prioritise

Prioritise what you want to improve in 2020.

3. Action

Develop good habits and take action.

4. Get Happy

Continually develop your plan for a happy life.

You might decide that you can “go it alone” and don’t need Life Coaching. That’s absolutely fine and I’m really pleased to help anybody on their journey.

If you are still thinking you’d like some help to get the happy life you deserve then I’d like to tell you a bit about myself.  I have made significant changes in my own life to become the best version of me that I can be. So if you are looking for somebody who has actually “been there” and “done that” we could be a match.

The group will give you the chance to have a regular meet up with  your team mates. You also get this inside the group:

Life hacks to get you fired up
Support inside the group.
Live video sessions
Reviews of progress

What clients are saying

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I’m ready to join The Good Life Club