The Power to Shape Your Life

Is Your Own Self Talk Keeping You Stuck? Watch the video below to find out how to beat this and pick up some valuable tips on enjoying life.

In this second instalment of “Is Your Own Self Talk Keeping You Stuck?” I talk about how the stories we tell ourself have the power to shape our whole life. In summary, we believe everything we tell ourself and we very much get what we expect. 

You’ll hear me talk about a client who had some upcoming hurdles and how she was letting them prevent her from having a positive experience in the meantime. In contrast I explain how I manage to set myself up for a good day and great week.

Watch the video to get more understanding of what I’m talking about when I ask “Is your own self talk keeping you stuck?” Plus you’ll pick up some really valuable tips on how to enjoy life more!

If you prefer to read what I say, there’s a transcript below the video. Or are feeling stuck right now? Get in touch for a free exploratory session here.

The Stories We Tell Ourself

Today I want to talk to you about the stories we tell ourself. In this video I’ll discuss an experience I had a with a client this morning. 

My client came into the gym.  She was looking like she isn’t in the best of places, her shoulders are down. 

Troubles & A Terrible Week

She says she just isn’t feeling very good. So I ask her why and she says “it’s nothing, it’s nothing. I’m just not feeling very good.”
And of course, that ‘it’s nothing’ isn’t true. That’s a first line of defence. So I asked her to tell me what it was troubling her. The client tells me that she is going to have a terrible week and she just knows that the whole week is going to be awful.

And I’m thinking “it’s Monday morning!”. Now Monday morning through to the weekend that’s a heck of a long time to be having a terrible week. I thought surely the whole week doesn’t need to be awful. 

Ups & Downs

I fully accept that circumstances, the things that she is going through mean there will be tough parts of the week. The first tough part isn’t until Thursday and it’s a few hours of work that is going to be difficult for her. No fault of her own it’s just part of her job, a challenging matter she has to deal with. On Saturday she has some family coming down, it’s the anniversary of the death of somebody that she loved dearly. And of course it’s okay with all of that to be feeling sadness and loss. 

Don’t Imagine Only Doom & Gloom

My thoughts on the whole thing was “Really? You have decided on Monday morning that you are going to have an awful week. That the whole week, not one moment of the week, can’t be good or enjoyable. She seemed to have decided that she wouldn’t have any fun all week.

Have a Good Week!

Now let me contrast her week with my own to that point. 
I got out of bed in the morning, I’d had the best sleep in a week or so. I was relaxed and I got onto You Tube and I was feeling good, listening to  Michael Buble and a girl from X Factor!

As far as I was concerned it was going to be a good week; the music helped to change how I was feeling. And of course I’ve got a good job – a great job – and I work with people I love to work with and help.  But I’m going to have good moments through my week, and I’m going to have some aspects of it that are going to be challenging.

Set Your Own Path

As far as I’m concerned overall I’ve already decided it is going to be a good week. I’ve set a course, a path that I am on.

The lesson is that whatever we tell ourselves, whatever story we tell ourselves, is exactly how things are going to pan out. So we have to tell ourselves much better stories. We also have to ask the best questions to guide us. So when you wake up in the morning, ask yourself how do I want to feel? And ask yourself what can I do so that I can feel that way?

Show Determination

So just a short video. If you have decided you are going to have a tough day or a horrible week then that is what you are going to get.  If you decide the other way “I’m determined to enjoy this week” and ask what can you do so you can enjoy it, then you’re going to have a different week entirely. 

Let me have your thoughts on this and I hope you find the video useful. Or find out more here.

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