Top 7 Tips To Minimise Hangovers

Most of us have had them, and some of the best nights are worth them (though we swear they weren’t at the time)! So, accepting that they will probably happen at some point, how do you minimize hangovers?

By Gordon McCrorie

How to Minimise a Hangover

Many well known hangover remedies are often ineffective and can actually make you feel much worse. Find out what hangover cures I recommend by reading my 7 top tips:

  1. The ill effects of hangovers are caused by dehydration and the toxins produced when our liver metabolises alcohol. To minimise hangovers, the first and rather obvious tip is to drink lots of water to stay well hydrated.
  2. Before you go out, leave a pint of water and a couple of painkillers next to the bed. Avoid Aspirin, as it interferes with the metabolism and elimination of alcohol from your body. Regardless of your state when you get home, your first line of defence will be right at hand. When you wake, your hangover will be smaller!
  3. When you wake it’s time to drink more fluids! This is actually a time for something like Lucozade Sport, which will rehydrate you better than water alone. It can help replace lost minerals, which are also partially responsible for why you are feeling so bad.
  4. Now for our secret weapon in hangover reduction… honey! Honey is our secret weapon. It’s scientifically proven to significantly speed up the metabolism and elimination of alcohol from our body! Have it on some white bread and you will start to feel better in about 30 minutes! And the sooner you start to feel better, the sooner you stop reaching for foods you would normally be avoiding!
  5. Drink Tea! Lemon and ginger, peppermint or camomile can all help reduce nausea and calm your stomach.
  6. Alcohol makes you more at risk of the cold and flu. To start to restore immune function, we recommend taking vitamin C 1000mg plus zinc.
  7. Avoid hair of the dog! Drinking alcohol again is not the answer, unless your goal is more empty calories full of toxins that will halt fat burning and turn on fat storage!

So, that’s my 7 top tips– now have a fabulous time, and you might want to keep this post handy!


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