The Next Step to Help You Stick to New Year Resolutions

Hi, I’m Gordon, and I’m one of Glasgow’s top life coaches. January is a great month to make changes in your life. The biggest challenge most people face is sticking to their new routine so here’s some of my best tips to stop YOU from falling off the wagon before February!

I’m going to give you some simple but very valuable advice about sticking to your New Year Resolutions. But before you watch the video below check out my Vlog: The Single Biggest Thing You Need to Know about Sticking to New Year Resolutions. Then come back here.

Please don’t be one of the majority that falls off the wagon before the end of January! You deserve better than that! The video below gives you some simple advice and great examples about how to put my proven approach into practice. It’s all about developing good habits, but don’t go rushing in and set yourself up to crash out. 

In the video I tell you what to do, why and how. Follow the simple approach I suggest and you can start to change your life for the better – and stick to it!

Second Biggest Mistake with New Year Resolutions

Hi there, I’m Gordon McCrorie The Happiness Guy. And this video is about, as you can see, the second biggest mistake people make when making new year resolutions, when they are trying to change.

The first thing was that they try to change too many different things you can see a video about that here. But the second biggest  mistake people make is that they try to make too big a change in one go. It’s too big a leap.

Don’t be a cliche in the Gym

For example, lets say that the person doesn’t exercise. They don’t do anything; they haven’t done anything – and it’s so cliche – in January they get to the gym. They tell themselves they are going to go four or five times a week, they will get that done and that will get them into a fitness habit. 

Gyms are packed full of people in January in fact, and they are not that full of people in February incidentally! But they are packed full in January of people trying to do that. And basically what happens is that feels awful. If you are not used to exercising you cannot just get into the gym four or five days a week and expect that to work. You have got to start more gently; that is going to be true for the vast majority of people.

Don’t Fall Off The Wagon

Exactly the same thing can be said for food; if you try to cut out all alcohol, all chocolate, all crips, all cakes … all that kind of stuff and you enjoy that then it is only to take a short space of time before you fall off the wagon and you are craving crisps or chocolate or you get home after a hard day and you drink some alcohol. You are going to just cave in, you are going to quit.

Whenever you quit what you are doing is just buying into this ‘I always fail’ mentality, ‘I never mange to stick anything’.

Pick One Thing – and master how to give up

That is not normally the person’s fault; it is because they are not using the signs we already know to get results. If you pick just one thing, and make it kind of small. If it is so small that it’s kind of easy they your brain will settle down and tell you ‘I can do this.’ And you will start to get some wins.
Let me give you a couple of examples. The first one might be in relation to exercise. Instead of deciding ‘Right that’s it. I’m going to go for an hour every day for five days. And I’m going to do that week after week after week”. Then we know we are are going to fail at that; or almost everyone is going to fail at that.

How To Change A Habit

So rather than that; why not think “I’m going to do something easier. I know I need to be more active if I am going to burn these calories. What’s the easiest thing I can do that might only take ten minutes a day. And I’ll do that.”

That might be a wee home workout, or it would be getting some fresh air and a little bit of a walk. Ten minutes, that is all you need. You are not trying to change everything in one go, you are trying to form a habit that you are going to enjoy. And I have some videos on habits so check out the You Tube Channel. 

Start with Ten or 15 Minutes

You are trying to for a habit, one that you enjoy. Make it small, make it something you can do, make it something you can get better at as you go on. So in week two  you might think that you’ll manage to go for 15 minutes a day. But just build it up gradually so you start to feel like you are getting some success. 

If it was eating and you wanted to change your habits.  So maybe its ‘Monday to Friday I won’t eat any junk through the day’ or “I won’t eat any junk in the evening’ but pick one thing that you feel really confident you can do. And one thing  you want to do.

Your Brain Will Drive You

Don’t try to change everything in one go and don’t try to make too big a change in one go. Otherwise your brain is going to get really uncomfortable and think ‘I really don’t like this’ and you will be off the wagon and back to square one. But I bet more deflated than before. 

Hopefully that’s really useful for you. Make the change small, manageable, ideally that is going to help you feel good as you are doing it. Recognise your wins and I think that will have you well on your way to making some meaningful changes this year.

Any questions just ask. If you need some help, life coaching could be the answer. You can drop me a line here.

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